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Family Researchers
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Runyon/Runyan/Runnion Etc. Family Researchers

WEB PAGE(S) or Research Interest
Ira A. Runyan

Celia L. Hartmann
Linda Runyon
Norman L. Runyon
Norman is the authority on the descendants of John Runyon, Sr. and Anne Goodpasture
Susan Runyan
Rick Runyan
Researching Descendants of Vincent Rongnion

Kelly Ann (Runyon) Bragg

John (Jack)  E. Runnion
Gregory Brown

Descendants of Freeman Runyon b. abt 1760
Elva Picklesimer

Dianne Underwood

Researching Rev. John Elliot Runyan  1829-1906
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Juanita Thompson White
Researching John David Runion, Jr. born 5/10/1857, died 4/3/1908
Thomas E. Runyan
Tom has a vast database covering all lines of the Runyon etc. family
Karen Klaene
Researching Joseph M. Runyan (1785 - 1873) Hamilton County, Ohio
Dorothy McGinnis Crandall
Researching Jeremiah Runyon born 1765 in NJ, died 5 Apr 1851 in Cleveland County, NC
Judy Tooman
Descendant of William Runyan and Catherine Custer/Custard
Mary Rowe
Descendant of Micjhah Dunn Runyon born 5 Jan 1795
Jeffrey R. Brown
Descendant of Morris Crater Runyan and Sallie Ely
Robert Raven
Researching Runyan/Runyon of St Lawrence County, New York
Connie King

Seeking to find ansestors of Francis Marion Richard Runyan born 9/15/1849 died 12/1922
Sherrie Hall
Researching the descendants of William Alexander Runyan and Mary Elizabeth Dockins, m. 1/16/1873
Vearl Bible
Researching descendants of John R. Runnion and Susannah Stanton
Louise Burke
Researching descendants of William Runyon (1751-1833) and Catherine Custer
Judy Gordon Printz
Descendants of Joseph Runion (abt 1836) and Mary E. Hill
Sharon Hutchison

Researching the descendants of Joseph Runnion born 1792
C. Larry Runyon
Researching Pike County, Kentucky Runyons
Ardella Cottrill
Researching Ancestors and Descendants of Jerry Runnion born August, 1859
Paul Runyan
Researching the Benjamin Runyan- Rebecca Barton line of the RUNYAN Family in Hamilton Co. Ohio and Madison,Deleware and Henry Counties in Indiana.
Mary (Runyon) Hanshew
Researching: Descendents of Phineas Runyon born 1744

Not on the List!
If you are not on the list of Runyon/Runyan Family Researchers, and wish to be included, send E-mail confirming your Web Page address and E-mail address. If you don't have a Web Page, please indicate what Runyon/Runyan etc. line you are researching.


Searching for Runyons Past
A message board to post inquires relating to your Runyon related family searches.