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Monnie (Hall) Runyon
07/12/1900 - 03/30/1927
John Ramsom Runyon
06/24/1887 - 11/22/1961
John Ransom Runyon
with Monnie's sister
Amos & Fannie Runyon
50th wedding anniversary
Julius Clifton Runyon
Julius Clifton Runyon
Columbia (Hatfield) Runyon
Columbia (Hatfield) Runyon
Ella Belle Collins standing
Joseph Adron Runyon
Ermal Runyon, Carrie Smith
Ira W. Runyan and sister Edna Ruth Runyon
Ira W. Runyan, Clara Mae Knox, Donna Carlene, Ira A.
Ira W. Runyan in Idaho
Ira W. Runyan and wife,Clara Mae Knox
Ira A. Runyan 1970 in U.S. Army in Viet Nam
Ira A. Runyan and wife Beverly A. Runyan
Tim Kazee,
 April Runyan &
 Jessica Dawn Kazee

John Compton Runyon and Sons
( Photo supplied by Celia Hartman )

John Compton Runyon is sitting center on the front row of this photo. Joseph Adron Runyon is in the front row on the left. Madison Runyon is the forth from the left in the back Row. The other 5 sons ( John Compton had 9 sons, 8 with first wife Arena Bevins, and one with his second wife Laura Maynard ) are not identified at this time.
Can You Identify the other sons in this photo?