Ira A. Runyan

Picture taken in 1998 while on vacation, this photo taken at Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.

I am a descendant of Isaac Runyon, and my family originated from Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.

I grew up on the beaches of Melbourne, Florida. When not fishing, boating, hunting, or playing on the beach, I would read a book that my father's uncle (Amos Runyon) who lived near Belfry, Kentucky, had co-authored in 1955. He had sent my father a copy. That book was "RUNYON GENEALOGY" by Robert and Amos Runyon, privately printed in Brownsville, Texas: 1955. At the time, I did not comprehend much of the material, which listed the names of many relatives who I had never meet, but it interested me anyway.

After graduating from Satellite High School, Satellite Beach, Florida I attended my first two years of college, and got married the following year. Shortly after my marriage and about five weeks after the birth of my first daughter, I was drafted into the U.S. Army. One year later, I was on my way to Viet Nam, where I served from September 1970 through September 1971. Upon my return from Viet Nam, I continued my education at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, and was employed by the State Of Florida as a Financial Investigator after my graduation. During that period, my second and third daughters were born.

In August of 1994, my mother had died. I realized after her death that I knew next to nothing about her ancestors, and I did not want my daughters to face the same thing upon my death. I decided that I would update the information in the book "RUNYON GENEALOGY" and preserve the information for my daughters. I have been studying the genealogy of the Runyon/Runyan/Runion family lines sense that time.

It is my hope that my studies and research may be of help to others who may be trying to document their Family Tree.

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